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stock ticker for VIVE

VIVE Analysis

$VIVE, (VIVE) Announced Closing of an Upsized $27.6 Million Underwritten Public Offering and Exercise of Over-Allotment Option yesterday. looking at the one day candle chart at the top of this post, you can see a green candle touching the bottom bollinger band. If you review this and any other chart I post you will see that EVERY TIME a green candle is on or under the bottom bollinger band at the end of the day the stock rises. This is another piece of reading a chart so you can make better trading decisions without jumping in to a trade without having a solid bases to buy or sell.

Combine the green one day candle with the RSI and Full STO pointing up, are very good indicators that the price will go up tomorrow. This is also a very good reversal indicator. Trading was solid today, volume was 4,014,089, as opposed to the average 433,000 daily.

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