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KIQ Kelso Technologies Inc. Swing Trade Idea

$KIQ Increased rail demand because of the keystone pipeline
Farmers are concerned about higher long-term rail volumes following the cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline.


“Our mandate is to be a reliable supplier of quality products in the railway equipment supply industry.”


“Biden’s pen stopped the pipeline crossing our border. But there is an existing operational alternative to get the product to the Gulf. Railroads. American railroads. Rail costs more than pipeline for movement of liquid product, resulting in higher costs to Canada. With no pipeline, the extra railroad costs are going to be transferred to the American railroad business for many years to come.”


“Canadian railway executives expect increased crude-by-rail shipments now that US President Joe Biden has essentially canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline project and as the much-litigated Dakota Access Pipeline could still be shuttered.”


Pete Buttigieg receives approval from rail industry.


Technical – There continues to be large buying volume at random times of day with no corresponding volume selloff. KIQ is above the 200 and 50 SMA on the daily chart and the weekly chart – a bullish sign. After midweek consolidation between $0.80’s and $0.90’s, it looks ready for another leg up over $1.

Understanding the news – The private placement allowed KIQ to raise money without diluting the existing float. Also, “All common shares issued under the Private Placement will be subject to a four month plus one day hold period.” It seems this investor saw an opportunity to make money, not lose it.

Kelso Railway Equipment
Kelso is proud of its innovative product lines. As a small company we work closely with customers to provide solutions to meet their unique needs. Our mandate is to be a reliable supplier of quality products in the railway equipment supply industry.

The Daily Item
What canceling the Keystone XL Pipeline means – President Biden, on day one of his term in office, canceled prior approval of the Keystone XL pipeline, a project President Trump approved after Obama shunned it. This is a

Canadian rails see crude increasing on Keystone XL cancellation – Canadian railway executives expect increased crude by rail shipments now that US President Joe Biden has essentially canceled the Keystone XL Pipeline project and as the much litigated Dakota Access Project.

President Biden Picks Pete Buttigieg as Transportation Secretary – President Joe Biden has nominated and was selected, former Mayor of South Bend as his transportation secretary, a move welcomed by the rail industry.

“As mayor, Buttigieg promoted a number of development and redevelopment projects. Buttigieg was a leading figure behind the creation of a nightly laser-light display along downtown South Bend’s St. Joseph River trail as public art. The project cost $700,000, which was raised from private funds. The “River Lights” installation was unveiled in May 2015 as part of the city’s 150th anniversary celebrations. He also oversaw the city’s launching of a 3-1-1 system in 2013. Buttigieg’s administration oversaw the sale of numerous city-owned properties.

During his 2020 campaign for the Democratic nomination, Buttigieg proposed spending $1 trillion on U.S. infrastructure projects over the next 10 years, estimating that the plan would create at least 6 million jobs. The plan focused on green energy, protecting tap water from lead, fixing roads and bridges, improving public transportation, repairing schools, guaranteeing broadband internet access, and preparing communities for floods and other natural disasters.” Wikipedia

About Kelso Technologies

Kelso is a diverse product development company that specializes in the design, production and distribution of proprietary service equipment used in transportation applications. Our reputation has been earned as a designer and reliable supplier of unique high quality rail tank car valve equipment that provides for the safe handling and containment of hazardous and non-hazardous commodities during transport. All Kelso products are specifically designed to provide economic and operational advantages to customers while reducing the potential effects of human error and environmental harm.

For a more complete business and financial profile of the Company, please view the Company’s website at www.kelsotech.com and public documents posted under the Companys profile on www.sedar.com in Canada and on EDGAR at www.sec.gov in the United States.

KIQ other:

January 28, 2021, Form 6-K: http://archive.fast-edgar.com/20210128/AB22H22CZ225WTZ2222E2ZO6G4CMVZ222232/


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