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Stocks to buy today

**IF you decide to buy our IDEAS, buy as soon as posted for the next trading day. Many times these will go UP after hours too! Daily IDEAS are only kept until the next days picks. If you want daily alerts just refresh the page and hit YES to push notifications so you will get the alerts as soon as they are posted (usually around 3:45 pm on trading days.

Friday, February 19, 2021 Stock IDEAS For after hours and Monday: MCHX > $3.60.

stock ticker for MCHX

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[finviz ticker=SGOC ]
[stock-market-news symbol="SGOC" stockExchange="NYSENasdaq" width="100%"]

[finviz ticker=LYL ]
[stock-market-news symbol="LYL" stockExchange="NYSENasdaq" width="100%"]

[finviz ticker=WRN ]
[stock-market-news symbol="WRN" stockExchange="NYSENasdaq" width="100%"]

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