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End of Day Stock Picks

XPL over $.77

stock ticker for XPL

BBI over $1.34

stock ticker for BBI

YVR over $2.22

stock ticker for YVR

DSS over $4.13

stock ticker for DSS

CERC over $3.45

stock ticker for CERC

Anywhere from 3:45-3:55pm est there will be picks alerted hereĀ eod. They will either have directions next to each pick or they won’t. If the directions state “Must end over” it means the stocks must at least look to close the trading day at 4pm est over the stated amount. Sometimes it’s really close. If it’s too close you don’t have to buy. Let it go and buy something else or take the day off. If it’s over the price then buy slowly and make sure you always watch for pullbacks. You can start buying slowly or just wait near the end and buy. Always be sure to try and stay as close to the alert price as possible. If you load slow and it happens to end under the alert price don’t freak out. You should have bought small and if you take a small loss no big deal we have plenty of winners to make up.


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